Muscle soak – Himalayan bath salts


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This Muscle soak Himalayan bath Salt includes Hemp, Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Black Pepper for an enjoyable baby experience to relax those achy muscles!

Himalayan Salt: draws out toxins, cleanses, rich in minerals, antimicrobial properties, reduces redness & irritation

Hemp: moisturising, soothing, rich in Vitamin E

Peppermint: Cooling & warming sensations make it an effective anesthetic,beneficial for reducing pain, muscle aches & inflammation.

Eucalyptus: refreshing scent, facilitates easy breathing, analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties, relieves pain, rejuvenate stiff & sore muscles

Black Pepper: warming, anti-inflammatory & antispasmodic properties, often used in sports massage, helps reduce muscle injuries & symptoms of arthritis

comes in a handy biodegradable paper bag