Grand tour – Car Essential Oil that goes with our car diffuser kits


Embark on a sensory journey with our Grand Tour Essential Oil for Car Diffuser. Crafted with a blend of invigorating citrus, grounding herbs, and calming florals, it transforms any drive into an aromatic adventure. Elevate your travel experience and infuse your car with a touch of luxury. Whether it’s a daily commute or a road trip, let the captivating scents inspire wanderlust and create a serene atmosphere. Take the scenic route with our Grand Tour Essential Oil and turn every drive into a memorable expedition.

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This blended oil is named grand tour and is aimed to keep everyone in the car calm, de stressed and ready for the journey ahead. Blended with

may chang

ylang ylang


Not only making your car smell great, it’s benefitting you and your passengers. These kits make fab gifts or treat yourself. Use with our car diffuser kit.