Aroma Diffuser


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Aroma Diffuser  can be used in any room such a useful addition choose your oil that suits your needs but they can assist with headaches, congestion, colds, anxiety, stress, low mood, sleep issues, have a calming effect or to boost your mood , energise or make you happy we have many oils to choose from . Fill your room with non toxic essential oils and feel good.

7 LED Colour Options






Connect the AC adapter to the DC jack of the main body

add your essential oils

fill to line with water ( jug supplied)

press the mist switch and set the timer

Press the light button to switch on or leave lights off

Press mist button and adjust intensity

3 hr mist

keep out of reach of children

height 140 mm

input : AC 100-240v      Out : DC 24V 650mA

power 10W                    Frequency:2.4MHz