Menopause is for more than just getting grey hairs!

Menopause will happen to all women but their journey will be very different.

symptoms – some sail through with little bother and others seem to battle through a raging storm.

length – again this varies so much

changes – some are subtle and some will never go away and cause a woman to change forever.

At Running on Hempty we offer a natural alternative that can help!

The hormonal changes in menopause cause the inflammatory molecules, brain chemistry, weight regulation and bone density to change! These changes can be frustrating, overwhelming and sometimes painful. Here are just a few symptoms of menopause:

weight– can increase despite exercise 

mood – can be very low

sleep– very disturbed 

hot flushes – a nightmare!

pain – can be headaches, joint pain, stiffness, and aches

anxiety/stress/depression – suddenly we question our ability, loose our confidence and our personalities change. 

brain fog – this is so frustrating!

osteoporosis – our bones become softer 

Tears – they just flow for no reason

You aren’t alone in this, your journey is just personal to you.

Not all professionals help but it’s important to know your body and persist in wanting help if you need it. There are lots of ways to help yourself. Take care of you, find ways to help such as mindfulness, yoga, walking, exercise, or alternative remedies, such as CBD.

CBD assists our endocannabinoid system (ECS) maintaining balance in the body and mind. Cannabinoid compounds interact with serotonin receptors much like traditional antidepressants, effectively reducing stress and anxiety. CBD gives sleep stability and eases sleep disruption. This can create clarity of mind and a rested state that sets you up for the day ahead. 

Try our CBD teas and coffee! Taking CBD can also help manage pain and inflammation, alleviating those aches and painful joints, improving our mood. It can also help with brain fog and memory loss, even helps with bone density! 

Always check with a medical professional if you are taking prescribed medication as you want it to work in harmony. 

start an alternative journey to wellness!