This illness is extremely difficult to treat and most often the only thing that helps is rest or pacing. It can cause chronic pain ,inflammation, , social anxiety, muscle spasms, aches, pains , sleep problems and more. 

There is a small amount of research but more studies are needed but this hot topic  is becoming well documented and many researchers are doing studies . It’s becoming a natural fix for many ailments including Cfs/M.E

CBD has been found to help with the body’s homeostasis which helps to keep temperatures, respiration , blood flow and balance in our bodies, something that tends to be out with CFS/M.E patients and in some an Endocannabinoid deficiency.

Some sufferers are finding that CBD products are giving them relief .

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But can it help with Cfs/M.E ?

There is a lot of talk about doing more tests but there are many who have found that although CBD products can’t cure this illness it can help with some of the symptoms and relieve them . such as aches and pains , spasms ,anxiety, sleep disturbance and patterns , well being , helps with fatigue and boosts energy levels .

I have a personal interest in this as I have 2 children with M.E /CFS and use cbd oil for the above symptoms with good results .