CBD help with anxiety

Q. Can CBD help wiht anxiety

Sadly from children through to Adults anxiety is present in our lives. It is however normal to get a little anxious before an important event like exams , interviews and challenges. But if you have an impending sense of disaster, feelings of dread , feelings that danger is around every corner, racing thoughts , or day to day living is a never ending battle with no respite . You could be suffering with chronic Anxiety.

Often people are left helplessly struggling or are offered anti depressants but these don’t work for everyone and also loose effectiveness in time . Some find mindfulness, yoga, massage , talking therapies and other holistic treatments can help but what about CBD ?
It has been found to help with:

*Generalised anxiety Disorder
*panic disorder
*Social anxiety disorder
*Obsessive-compulsive disorder ( OCD)
*Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Contributing factors can be genetics , hormones,neurotransmitters can impact on how we deal with stress,environmental and lifestyle toxins. The biggest factor of anxiety is stress.

Chronic stress trains your brain to feel anxious it want you to “ remember “ this . So you can anticipate and then avoid more in the future .

In the wild we would positively use this to keep us safe from danger but in our day to day life we don’t need to be in that constant state of fight or flight to survive. So it messes with our minds and our bodies making us fretful, fearful , uneasy etc we are not designed to feel like this constantly. So we are turned upside down with these problems:

*Heart disease
*digestive problems
*weakened immune system
*Weight gain
*Muscular Tension
*Endocannabinoid Imbalance

Taking CBD has been found to relax your body and mind , relieves anxiety taking the overwhelming feelings away, taking the edge off those intrusive thoughts . Allowing you to be calmer , sleep better , rest , switching off those racing thoughts. Allowing you to function more normally and get on with your day to day living , around others and not over think .

CBD binds to our receptors and help all over our bodies.They enhance our own Cannabinoids in our bodies.CBD has terpenes as well as many Cannabinoids including phytocannabinoids , giving us an entourage effect and helping us to get homeostasis and balance in our bodies.

Our CBD is THC free always consult a medical professional before using if you are on prescription medications to check it won’t interact with them .
Always start low and slow as each persons body is different. It’s hard to find a reputable and trustworthy company that is selling exactly what should be in the bottle ask to see lab reports or check they have them.

Positive reports from many people using CBD oil is very promising that it’s helping lead the way with Anxiety.

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