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The Running on Hempty (family) Team

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Who are we and what do we sell?

Running on Hempty is a friendly, family run business based in the UK specialising in CBD oil, Hemp, and natural products.

Our bath and body range contain a completely natural hemp seed oil.

Unlike cannabis oil containing high THC, our CBD products enable you to experience all the benefits of cannabis without the negative psychoactive effects due to containing no THC.

Running on Hempty is the best place to buy CBD Oil in the UK, with certified products, pain-free fast delivery and only the purest and safest CBD oils possible, you are sure to be able to find the perfect CBD product for you.

We also stock a wide range of natural products including bamboo, metal straws, aromatherapy oils and diffusers and natural soybean candles, and more. where possible we try not to use plastic packaging and our products are cruelty free, sustainable, vegan and organic.

Natural products: We ensure the products we sell are of the highest quality control and fully tested at every stage of the manufacturing process – from soil to extraction, from extraction to the final blended product.

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